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I am E. H. Munro. The most quotable man on the internet and most definitely not the next President of the United States of America. Some of you are no doubt glad that I've lost the moldy, javascript/CSS1 site. Well, so am I. Some of you that have seen the i-Ville site might wonder why I've re-used the interface. The answer is simple, i-Ville is undergoing a major overhaul, and a move onto a CMS. As a result the UI is being ditched. Being a firm believer in recycling I'm just re-using the PHP code. Anyway, if you're reading this you're obviously in search of snappy one liners. So let me stop boring you and start entertaining you.
Frequently Unanswered Questions

How does this work?

See those tabs above? Each will bring you to a collection of droll one liners.

Do you do any real writing or just this bullshit?

Yes, I do. When I have some more time I'll post links to some short stories and even a screenplay that I co-wrote (along with the equally crazed Elizabeth Pavlov). If you're looking for basketball articles, head on over to Hoops Boston.

The Boston Red Sox

I used to write Red Sox season previews, something I started doing in 1996 (and gave up after the playoff disaster of 2003). You'll note the gap between 1996 and 2000 and wonder the reason for it. The first piece was done as an old fashioned (print) newsletter and mailed to a few dozen fans. By 1997, I was sending them as emails from my Hotmail account. As I had archived the pieces there, I thought little of their safety. However, in 1999, I moved across the state, and went six weeks without checking my Hotmail account. I presumed, as I had taken specific care to save certain emails in folders created for archiving, that the email I wanted was safe, and that even if the box filled up, the new mail would be returned to sender, silly me. Micro$loth apparently decided that their spam was more important than three years of my email. One day my biographer will write a jeremiad on the irreparable loss and openly wonder why the U. S. government did not launch cruise missiles at the Redmond behemoth's coroporate headquarters. Anyway, I had a print copy of the first, which I retyped.
1996 Season Preview
2000 Season Preview
2001 Season Preview
2002 Season Preview
2003 Season Preview